Package crosscut saws

A wide range of machines to cut finished timber packs or boards precisely, from the simplest mobile chainsaws to fully automated lines that cut with precision to one millimetre.

Reliable solutions based on over 70 years of experience.

Both mobile and stationary versions leave the surface of the cut pack smooth and level. It is possible due to the special saw chains, appropriately rigid and stable construction as well as precise guiding of the cutting unit.

Advantages of using PRINZ cross-cut saws:

  • perfectly cut packages with an accuracy up to +/-1mm, smooth and even package surface after cutting
  • package quality and value increase
  • significantly accelerated process of preparing packages for shipment,  final package division to appropriate lengths just before the shipment to the customer
  • rapid response and meeting the customers’ needs in the delivery of appropriately cut packages
  • multiple increase in labor productivity in comparison to cutting separate boards
  • replacement of more and more expensive and time-consuming work of many people
  • facilitated storage and transport of packages

Mobile saws, cutting accuracy +/- 4mm

Portable saws and a solution for mounting the mobile saw on the frame for package positioning, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of cutting.

Saws with arch guide frame, cutting accuracy +/- 2mm

Stationary saws with precise guiding of the cutting unit, with the possibility of convenient operation thanks to electric feed, kerf opening and pressure pad.

Saws with linear guide, cutting accuracy +/- 1mm

The most efficient and accurate cross-cutting lines, adapted to fully automatic operation in combination with the aligning, strapping and packing systems.

Saws with double-sided guidance, cutting accuracy from +/- 1,5mm to +/- 3mm

Compact alternative solutions that guarantee high efficiency and cutting accuracy with limited investment.

Alignment stations, package storage

Additional solutions in the PRINZ offer – systems that facilitate the alignment and storage of packages, to increase efficiency and optimize the production process.

Why choose PRINZ chainsaws for wood cutting?

Presentation and training

We conduct professional operating training of delivered equipment. We share our knowledge gained over the years, so you can maximize the efectiveness of your work.

Fast execution of order and installation

We do our best to execute all orders and installations professionally and comprehensively, but most of all – fast and efficiently.


We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as quick delivery of spare parts from warehouse in Poznan, PL.

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