Spare parts

PRINZ spare parts for perfecy cutting results!

All PRINZ parts are produced in Loosdorf/Austria. We ensure short time of spare parts deliveries. Spare parts for our loyal clients are available “on the spot” at PRINZ Poland warehouse in Poznan/PL.

PRINZ chainsaw technology is not confined to wood; other materials, e.g. paper rolls, soft stone, plastic pipes are prime examples of where PRINZ chainsaws serve as first choice.

To always give you the most accurate cut, PRINZ offers a wide range of spare parts to fully match your requirements: guide bars, saw chains, sprockets, pulleys and rail heads for:

  • PRINZ / HOLTEC cross-cut stations
  • BALJER&ZEMBROD / WOLF roundwood sorting/transporting carriages
  • HUNDEGGER / SCHMIDLER joinery machines

Why choose PRINZ chainsaws for wood cutting?

Presentation and training

We conduct professional operating training of delivered equipment. We share our knowledge gained over the years, so you can maximize the efectiveness of your work.

Fast execution of order and installation

We do our best to execute all orders and installations professionally and comprehensively, but most of all – fast and efficiently.


We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as quick delivery of spare parts from warehouse in Poznan, PL.

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