Saws for plasterboard cutting

Gypsum plasterboard is a popular material in the construction industry. Production is increasing worldwide from year to year. However, cutting plasterboard is a particularly big challenge for manufacturers, especially when the gypsum plasterboards are to be cut in a package.

The material is relatively soft and brittle, which can lead to damage edges and breakage if not cut properly. In addition, dust and dirt can be a major concern when working with plasterboards.

The high abrasiveness of the material is also an extreme challenge for tools and machines. In order to meet the challenges of cutting plasterboards and achieve a high-quality result, PRINZ started developing compact and efficient solutions as early as 1990.

The constant further developments, in close cooperation with many manufacturers of plasterboards, have made PRINZ the world’s leading supplier of tools and gypsum saws for cutting packages of gypsum boards.

The PRINZ PC120 has been developed specifically for very high production output and a fully automatic, uninterrupted production process. Thanks to the PLC control system, the automatic cutting sequence parameters can be changed easily, with precision cutting guidance on both sides ensuring maximum cutting accuracy, even at maximum cutting output.