Saws for paper rolls cutting

We offer industrial chainsaws for efficient cross-cutting of paper rolls of large diameters – no need to unwind them.

Our offer is addressed to companies involved in paper industry and recycling.

We install and service provided equipment.

Industrial saws for cutting of paper rolls

We produce industrial chainsaws for cutting of paper. There are mainly paper roll crosscut stations with larger diameters, but the offer also includes smaller mobile saws. The use of our machines excludes the need to unwind paper roll before cutting and the surface after cut is smooth and even. It is possible thanks to the special carbide-tipped saw chains for paper, also of our production. PRINZ machines are also used in the recycling of paper. Paper cutting in a roll is a very efficient and economical method used more and more often in companies of the broadly understood paper industry.

What type of paper do our saws cut?

No need to unwind the paper roll, with efficient cutting at the same time (cutting a roll with a diameter of approx. 150 cm takes an average of approx. 5 minutes) and a good surface after cutting are the unquestionable advantages of PRINZ solutions. Using our systems, it is possible to cut practically all types of paper, including:

  • coated and uncoated (chalk paper, offset paper),
  • synthetic paper,
  • ecological paper (kraft type),
  • cardboard, etc.

Taking into account the properties of the paper, its grammage, application or finish, we will help you choose the right solution equiped with the best selected cutting unit!

Paper roll cutting – product offer

We offer saws for cutting paper, using a specially designed DURACUT saw chain. This chain differs from others available on the market in terms of durability and the quality of the surface left after cutting. Saws that use DURACUT chains are selected depending on the diameter of the paper roll, the type of paper, the frequency of saw usage and the cutting accuracy necessary to obtain.

Thanks to a properly selected saw for cutting paper rolls, you will get your work done quickly, efficiently and safely. Among the specialized machines and tools produced for the paper industry, we recommend and offer:

  • mobile or stationary saws
  • saws with manual, hydraulic or electric cut feed
  • saws with rotary table that significantly accelerates cutting process and extends cutting unit parts life-span
  • stellited guide bars with cutting length of up to 2,5m
  • efficient DURACUT saw chains with special links geometry leaves smooth and even surface after cutting
  • hydraulic movable bases for the saw, for cutting line corrections

Differences between a saw with manual, hydraulic or electric feed of the cutting unit?

To choose the right paper cutting saw, you should take into account the specificity of the planned tasks and the preferences of the operators. When it comes to paper cutting tools, an important aspect is the feed method of the cutting system. There are frequent doubts about which feed to choose – manual or electric. Saws with manual feed of the cutting unit are easy to use and are often chosen for smaller tasks where it is valuable when the operator can very precisely control the speed and pressure force. These saws are ideal for working with smaller amounts of paper rolls and smaller roll diameters, up to approx. 100 cm.

Saws with electric / hydraulic feed of the cutting unit offer much greater power and efficiency, which is necessary when cutting larger amounts of paper or rolls with larger diameters. The hydraulic feed system ensures smooth, uniform cutting speed, minimizing the risk of jams or unevenness on the surface of the cut material. Such paper cutting machines are preferred in companies carrying out large-scale orders, where speed, process automation and the ability to work continuously without excessive effort on the part of the operator are priority issues.

What features does a good saw for cutting paper “to size” have?

A good saw for cutting paper “to size” should meet several fundamental requirements. Without a doubt, it should ensure efficiency, precision and safety of use. First of all, the high quality of the saw chain is important, necessary to obtain smooth and even cutting surfaces. This means the need to use carbide-tipped blades, such as in DURACUT chains, and reinforced, stellited guide bars.

For cutting paper “to size” to be fully successful, the saw should offer an adjustable cutting speed to adapt to different types and grades of paper. The selection of the linear speed of the cutting chain and the use of appropriate chain sharpening angles are other equally important issues.

We also cannot forget about safety of use. Good saws are equipped with safety systems, such as light curtains or an additional switch for a second person who assesses the safety of work on the other side of a large roll of paper. Emergency stop systems and ergonomic controls minimize the risk of accidents at work. An additional advantage is the ease of operation and maintenance, which translates into fewer production downtimes and a longer service life of the machine.

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Saws for cutting of paper rolls

Why choose PRINZ chainsaws for paper rolls cutting?

We conduct professional operating training of delivered equipment; we share our knowledge gained over the years, so you can maximize the efectiveness of your work.

Fast execution of order and installation
We do our best to execute all orders and installations professionally and comprehensively, but most of all – fast and efficiently.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as quick delivery of spare parts from warehouse in Poznan, PL.

Cutting paper rolls using TWINPAPER station with rotary table

Cutting white paper rolls of bigger diameter using UNISTAR saw

Cutting kraft paper rolls using PAPERSTAR crosscut station

Cutting paper rolls using TWINPAPER-E station

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