Saws for plastic cutting

We produce and sell industrial chainsaws for fast and economical cutting of plastic pipes of large diameters, also at an angle.

We use unique solutions: specially designed saw chains PLASTICUT and guide bars with air ducts system, which eliminates usage of lubrication oil.

Our offer is addressed to companies involved in production, installation and recycling of materials made of plastic.

We install and service provided equipment.

Mobile or stationary saws for cutting plastic

Our offer includes both mobile and stationary saws for cutting plastic. Mobile saws, thanks to their design, enable easy transport and are ideal for applications where it is necessary to move equipment between different work sites. These types of saws for cutting plastics are intended for use in various places, on various construction sites, and in industrial enviroment where the mobility of the equipment plays a key role. In turn, stationary saws for cutting plastics, as the name suggests, are used in a given place in the plant as more accurate, more efficient workstations, combined with a number of additional options, ensuring increased safety of the cutting process.

The choice between a mobile and stationary saw should be dictated by the specificity of the tasks to be performed. A mobile saw is a better choice when the job requires frequent changes of location or when work space is limited. A stationary saw is recommended when it is necessary to cut large amounts of material with high precision and processing efficiency.

Characteristics of a good plastic saw

A good saw for cutting plastic must meet a number of criteria. This guarantees its effectiveness and reliability. Our offer includes saws equipped with stellited guide bars with an air cooling system for the cutting system. This innovative solution eliminates the need to use lubricating oil, which facilitates the subsequent welding process. Our saws designed for cutting plastic are made of the highest quality materials, and the massive construction ensures their long life and durability, even with intensive use. We offer models with both manual and advanced electric or hydraulic cutting system feed, ideal for working with pipes up to 2.5 meters in diameter. Our saws guarantee the highest quality of plastic cutting. Many models are equipped with laser cutting line projection systems, which further increases precision and minimizes the risk of error during work.

What materials can be cut by the saws available in our offer?

Our offer includes specialized saws for cutting plastic pipes. Devices of this type are often referred to as saws for PVC pipes, but in fact the equipment can perfectly cope with various plastics of natural and synthetic origin, such as rubber, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. We have saws for diagonal cuts, which are perfect for cutting pipes with large diameter at fixed angles.

Thanks to the use of advanced measurement systems, laser projection of cutting lines and systems for stable pipe mounting before cutting, our saws ensure high cutting accuracy and dimension repeatability, regardless of the type of material being processed. They are ideal for cutting large pipes, thick-walled profiles or solid material, ensuring smooth and even cutting surfaces. This technology also enables effective work with materials with complex geometries. This is particularly appreciated in the plastic processing industry.

Our saws are designed for cutting plastics and can be adapted to the specific needs of customers. We offer personalization options, such as the selection of various types of cutting systems, feed systems, saw units, cooling and handling.

Offer of products for cutting plastics

  • mobile or stationary saws
  • manual, electric or hydraulic cut feed for cutting pipes with diameter of up to 2,5m
  • stellited guide bars, equipped with compressed air cooling and chip removal system, no need to use oil for cutting unit lubrication and clean elements before welding
  • efficient PLASTICUT saw chains with special links geometry leaves smooth and even surface after cutting, perfect for cutting of pipes with large wall thicknesses
  • saw rotating systems for angled cuts
  • laser marking of the cutting line
  • stable pipe grip systems
  • efficient chip vacuum systems
Cutting of plastic PDF brochure

Saws for cutting plastic

Why choose PRINZ chainsaws for plastic cutting?

We conduct professional operating training of delivered equipment; we share our knowledge gained over the years, so you can maximize the efectiveness of your work.

Fast execution of order and installation
We do our best to execute all orders and installations professionally and comprehensively, but most of all – fast and efficiently.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as quick delivery of spare parts from warehouse in Poznan, PL.

Cutting of plastic pipe using PROFICUT PE strong

Cutting of plastic pipe (large diameter) during extrusion

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