PC120 with roller conveyor

PC120 / 15 kW
stationary cutting unit with with material feed on roller conveyor

  • highest cutting accuracy +/- 1 mm and efficiency of cutting
  • the line is customized to individual client’s needs every time thanks to various options

Automatic line PC120 for cutting lumber packages and boards, equipped with a roller conveyor which transports and removes the cut material. Centrally located cutting unit. The line is customized to individual client’s needs.

Ideal for combining with other components, e.g. package strapping device, packing device or shock table which levels package on one side. Highest accuracy +/- 1 mm and efficiency of cutting.

Technical data
Cutting motorelectric 15 kW / 3x400V / 50 Hz / 2920 rpm
Standard package size120 x 120 cm (W x H)
Other dimensions availableyes
Cut feedgear motor with inverter
Guiding of the cutparallel precision linear bearing guide system
Saw typestationary cutting unit / package moves
Chain typescraper chain / carbide tipped chain
Guide barsolid steel, stellite inlay, EXPERT-LINE execution available
Cutting performance1,2 min/m²
Cutting accuracy+/- 1 mm
Saw feedmotor with inverter
Measuring device availableyes
Control systemSPS
Applicationefficient and precise cross-cutting of packages, unlimited package length, can be easily combined with other elements of the line
  • absorbing and tensioning system in the rail head, automatic tension of the saw chain by a pneumatic cylinder
  • fully automatic chain lubrication – 20l aggregate
  • exhaust connection, Ø = 150
  • saw chain monitoring system
  • package height control system
  • automatic reference cut,
  • saw kerf opening system which faciliates withdrawal of guide bar from package
  • advanced control system, possibility of setting one hundred cutting programs
  • swivel roller table for removal of longer waste
  • conveyors for waste transportation, containers for waste removal
  • cross-chain buffers
  • pneumatic package holding down appliance on both sides of the guide bar
  • laser light for cut position
  • advanced control systems with series cut function
  • automatic device for strapping the package with plastic tapes, possibility of automatic laying of joists
  • vibrating rollcase for package alignment to eliminate end trims, package press
  • plastic curtains which blocks waste discarded during cutting
agregat smarujący
Automatic lubrication of the cutting unit, 20l oil tank, precise regulation of oil dosage.
układ tnący
Massive cutting chain (thickness of the link 3 mm) with 15 or 20 mm pitch for optimum removal of chips, scraper type execution guarantees smooth and level package surface after cutting.

Guide bars with stellite layer on one or both sides for optimum life-span, EXPERT-LINE execution available.
ultracut prowadzenie
Massive guiding / linear bearing for precise and stable guiding of the cutting unit.
Package holding down appliance on both sides of the guide bar.
Automatic, independent from roller table, measuring system allowing to cut packages with accuracy of +/- 1mm.
PC120 zabezpieczenia
Variety of safety measures and sensors which faciliate and improve work safety.
PC120 odpylanie
Prepared output for dust collecting system.
stol rolkowy
A table that transports and removes packages of any length.
PC120 konstrukcja
Massive construction of tables and cutting unit worked out for many years of servicing.

Vertical rolls for easy and precise positioning of the packs during loading with a forklift.
PC120 stoly poprzeczne
Systems transporting material (package buffers) onto the line and removing packages from the line.
taśma odpady
Systems removing waste, crosswise, longwise, slanting bands, containers, swivel tables for removal of larger rests.
stol wstrzasowy
Schock tables that enable one-sided alignment of packages prior to cutting.
Optional: automatic package strapping with plastic bands.
cutstar pulpit
Functional and clear steering consoles / remote control.
cutstar laser
Laser light showing cut position.
cutstar kurtyny
CE fences, safety wires, light curtains that increase machine operation safety.
pc120 kabina akustyczna
Anti-dust cabins, acoustic cabins.


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