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in industrial chainsaws production

Wall drainage by means of the sawing process

We guarantee efficient drainage of the building. We use PRINZ technology which involves installation of new horizontal insulation by means of sawing process in damp walls.

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Package and log yard saws

We produce industrials chainsaws for cross-cutting packages and round wood, horizontal saws as well as guide bars, saw chains, sprockets and pulleys.

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Saws for paper rolls cutting

We offer industrial chainsaws for efficient cross-cutting of paper rolls of large diameters - without untucking them.

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Saws for plastic cutting

We produce industrial chainsaws for fast and economical cutting of plastic pipes of large diameters.

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Cooperation offer – horizontal insulation

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We are looking for repair and construction companies interested in carrying out moisture-preventing horizontal insulation according to the PRINZ method. Wall drainage by means of sawing process is a proven business!
10 Feb, 20

Insulation materials used in technology

Successful elimination of humidity for many years does not depend solely on the professionalism of works, but also on the quality of insulation materials used in method – certified wedges and insulation plates.
08 Feb, 20