PRINZ package alignment station

Designed for efficiency and precision, the station enables optimal alignment of wood packages. The hydraulically controlled solution ensures easy and quick alignment of individual boards/square timbers of the package and eliminates the need to make additional cuts.

Maximize the profit from your packages!


  • maximum use of each package – eliminating/minimizing unnecessary cutting of package ends
  • two massive pressure plates, thanks to which it is possible to align the package on both sides
  • excellent leveling results for packages up to 6 meters long thanks to the powerful hydraulic system
  • quick and easy change of spacer position – thanks to the height adjustment mechanism on one or both sides of the station; the layer of the package is lifted, which allows you to conveniently change the position of the spacers (perfect preparation of the package for cutting, no “jamming” of the chain in the material)



Optional solution – new spacers arrangement

The package layer can be lifted, enabling an easy repositioning of the spacers. Possibility of lifting from one/two sides.


Why choose PRINZ chainsaws for wood cutting?

Presentation and training

We conduct professional operating training of delivered equipment. We share our knowledge gained over the years, so you can maximize the efectiveness of your work.

Fast execution of order and installation

We do our best to execute all orders and installations professionally and comprehensively, but most of all – fast and efficiently.


We provide warranty and post-warranty service, as well as quick delivery of spare parts from warehouse in Poznan, PL.

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