• wall drainage technology

    wall drainage

  • package cross-cut saws

    package cross-cut saws

  • log yard saws

    log yard saws

  • saw chains, guide bars

    saw chains, guide bars

  • special systems

    special systems


Building, wall and foundation drainage

Prinz offers a proven and dependable method of moisture removal and drainage of buildings, foundations and walls. We guarantee permanent and full protection against capillary moisture, provided that the work is done professionally and conscientiously. Wall drainage by means of the sawing process is an effective method of creating new horizontal insulation and separating moisture from the ground. We offer both execution of the drainage tasks as well as cooperation with other repair and construction companies. We make our know-how available, advise and equip our customers with the necessary accessories. Drainage of foundations, walls and buildings by means of the sawing process developed by Prinz ensures full regeneration of buildings covered with capillary moisture.

Wall drainage - PRINZ technology 

Hydro insulation - overview of work 

Drainage and hydro insulation services

Cooperation offer - PRINZ partner programme 

Insulation materials 

Machines used in PRINZ technology 

Presentation movie 



Cross-cut saws, saw chains, guide bars

PRINZ Polska offers chainsaw cutting systems for the woodworking industry: single operator saws, mobile saws, package cross-cut saws and log yard saws. Cutting units: guide bars and saw chains in the highest life span class for all chainsaw systems, crosscut stations and roundwood sorting/transporting carriages available on the market. Special machines to cut various materials successfully: paper rolls, gypsum and card boards, pipes and profiles made of plastics, salt and ice blocks, etc. We offer equipment, spare parts, sharpening of saw chains, regeneration of guide bars, service.

Package cross-cut saws 

Log yard saws 

Horizontal saws 

PRINZ cutting units 

Holtec/Stihl guide bars, saw chains 

Cutting units for Baljer&Zembrod carriages 

Oregon chains, guide bars, accessories 

Additional devices - sharpeners, chain repair devices 

Individual systems for woodworking industry 

Used machines


List of used machines, currently offered by PRINZ Polska:

Woodworking industry

Building industry

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