PES1300 main

PES1300 / 1,5 kW
massive, three-phased saw for hardest applications

  • massive machine for the most demanding applications
  • hight torque thanks to gear drive

The PES1300 was developed upon request of higher robustness and efficiency. Using a spur gear drive the torque has increased significant at reduced wearout. In combination with the carbide tipped saw chain pitch 1/2″, the PES1300 is our most powerful hand held chainsaw.

Technical data
Saw typeelectric hand saw
Applicationcutting of brick walls while laying horizontal insulation in buildings, cutting of holes for windows or doors, cutting of soft stones
Motor/Engineelectric 3×400 V / 50 Hz / approx. 1300 rpm, power transmission – gear drive
Power1,5 kW
Chain typecarbide tipped chain CARBIDECUT 0,404″ or CARBIDECUT1/2″
Guide barsolid steel, high frequency hardened with pulley
Length of guide bar43, 53, 63, 75, 90cm
Efficiency of cuttingapprox. 6 m2 / day (cutting in joint during the wall drainage)
Weightapprox. 15 kg (with guide bar and chain)
Dimensionsapprox. 1115 x 350 x 250mm (L x W x H) – with 63cm guide bar
  • safety switch
  • easy saw chain tensioning


pes1300 konstrukcja
Solid construction and three-phased engine 1,5 kW.
pes1300 grzebien
Steel comb facilitating cutting building walls/materials.
pes1300 wylacznik termiczny
Thermal switch preventing the overheating of the machine during hard works.
PES1300 łańcuch
Simple tension of a carbide tipped chain CARBIDECUT, high frequency hardened guide bar with pulley, 1,6 mm groove.
Proper desing of a chain lid enables cutting close the floor.
pes1300 przekladnia
Thanks to the gear transmission a torque of the mode of the driving chain is increasing while consumption of the incisal arrangement parts reduces.


Why choose PRINZ wall drainage technology?

We provide 30-year warranty for our services.
Our method guarantees 100% cut-off of capillary moisture - the problem does not return until the end of technical life of the building.
The method can be used in most of the buildings, regardless of wall moisture level and thickness.

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